intervencoes urbanas

intervenções temporárias marcas permanentes

graphic design, cover, page layout // book “Intervenções temporárias marcas permanentes”, by Adriana Sansão Fortes + Luiz Henrique Sá / Bigodes


cetem 35 anos

graphic design, page layout  /// book “Cetem 35 anos”, by Carmem Lucia Branquinho + Luiz Henrique Sá / Bigodes

musica na estrada

classical music for kids

graphic design, illustrations // teaching children about classical music + Luiz Henrique Sá / Bigodes

paulo barros

paulo barros sem segredo

graphic design, cover, page layout for book // “Sem Segredo”, by Paulo Barros + Luiz Henrique Sá / Bigodes Cover photo: Mauro Samagaio


a serpente

graphic design + Luiz Henrique Sá / Bigodes

paulo moura

paulo moura 80 anos

communication design // promotional pieces for exhibition and concerts + Luiz Henrique Sá / Bigodes

musica na estrada

música na estrada

graphic design, illustrations // teaching children about classical music + Luiz Henrique Sá / Bigodes

musica na estrada


graphic design, illustration // classical music tour + Luiz Henrique Sá / Bigodes

after miss julie

a propósito de senhorita júlia // after miss julie

+ Luiz Henrique Sá / Bigodes Photos: Dalton Valério  

música barroca

música barroca na estrada

graphic design, illustrations teaching children about baroque music / Bigodes

escola do escandalo

a escola do escândalo // school for scandal

graphic design, collage + Luiz Henrique Sá / Bigodes    

eva futura

a eva futura // the future eve

graphic design   ++ Luiz Henrique Sá / Bigodes photos: Cafi      


rhetoric in graphic design

graphic design is never neutral /// master thesis, HS Anhalt, Germany . download the pdf ///  

talk to the hand

talk to the hand

visual experiments /// different meanings hand gestures have in different cultures // graphic design /// posters /// folders /// collage /// website  


hemp and shelter

research, graphic design, illustration /// posters //// hemp makes a nice shelter from the elements

breaking the rhythm

breaking the rhythm

breaks in the rhythm of our lives  //// photography, graphic design  

first maid

first (m)aid

graphic design /// booklets for new students at HS Anhalt, Germany



communication design /// waste pickers in Brazil  

reduce, reuse, recycle

reduce, reuse, recycle

we produce too much trash ///// research, communication design, posters, illustration  


gilda midani

business card, invitation, postcards // for fashion designer Gilda Midani photos: Gilda Midani, Pedro Arruda  

textile pattern

textile patterns

textile design for Gilda Midani  



graphic design /// annual report + Sergio Boiteux , Pedro Herzog / Plano B



magazine about science and education /////art direction, page layout , illustrations for printed issues and website  



illustrations //// published at Blanket Magazine



sein gesicht in japan verlieren //// bad hair day ///// collection ///// plates /// sein gesicht in japan verlieren, published at Blanket Magazine . bad hair day, published at Bastard Magazine…



illustrations ///// published at Play Music Magazine  

pride & prejudice

pride & prejudice

graphic design //// posters with original text /// Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen posters available for print in pdf  /// under 100Kb each // chapter 01/02 // chapter 03…


maré faixa-a-faixa /// Adriana Calcanhotto

communication design, poster, press kit + Luiz Henrique Sá + Gilda Midani    

rasga coracao

rasga coração

graphic design + Luiz Henrique Sá  


world social forum

graphic design, posters // for the World Social Forum + done at Imaginatto Design

pictograms to go

pictograms to go

system of pictograms for tourism situations // featured in the book Symbols, pictograms and silhouettes



Orientation/information system for hiking trails + Mindi Davis and Renate Feurle // After being shown in the WS 04/05 exhibition in the HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd, the project was selected…


world population

cartography, information design, poster // complex data visualization + Joana Filizola

clube da luta

clube da luta // fight club

typographic poster  //// this is your life, and it’s ending one minute at a time. //shown at the exhibition Brasil em Cartaz/Le Brésil en Affiche (Brazil in posters),…